Airoma Air Freshener Dispenser


Vectair Airoma® is an automatic air freshener dispenser designed to provide facilities with regular small bursts of fragrance.

The air freshener dispenser provides flexible and easy to use programming options. Vectair Airoma® Air Freshener Refills are available, with four distinct ranges; the ‘Classics’, ‘Fruits’, ‘Exotic, Floral & Coastal’ and the ‘Airoma® Therapy & Spa’ fragrance ranges.


-Fully programmable dispenser. ‘Quick’ button allows for 30/45/60 days use, 24/7.
-Patented features – automatic reset button & I.P.E.™ – enables a period per day of enhanced fragrance.
-Effective in room sizes up to 6,000 cubic feet.
-Part of the Family Range of Dispensers.

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