Alcohol-free BZK Hand Sanitizer Refills (8 per case)

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Ensure hands stay clean, hygienic and sanitized at all times. Our alcohol-free BZK based hand sanitizer is perfect for bathrooms, hotel lobbies, gyms, restaurants, kitchens, and more. BZK hand sanitizer offers an effective alternative to Alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

  • Description

    Product Description

    With our EZ-SAN Manual Soap & Hand Sanitizer Dispensers you can ensure that hands stay clean at all times. They can be mounted to walls in bathrooms to efficiently deliver Antibacterial Hand Soap or set up in Gyms to provide guests with Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer Refills. Our customers have been using them in Kitchens, Offices, Nail Salons, Restaurants, and other areas.

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