Janitorial Equipment, Household & Industrial Cleaning Supplies, and Sanitation Systems.

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Fresia's Art and Hospitality supplies thousands of cleaning and sanitation products to hotels, restaurants, gyms, spas and resorts in the Greater Miami area. Our clients count on us to provide them with the products they need at competitive prices.

Disinfectant Sprays and Cleaning Solutions

Sanitize and Disinfect surfaces with Industrial & Household Strength cleaning solutions, available in bulk and retail quantities.

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Housekeeping Supplies and Janitorial Equipment

Janitorial Carts, Refuse bins, Mops, Squeegies, Brooms, Liners, Vacuums, & More.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Goggles, Face Masks, Dust Respirators, Gloves, Protective Apparel & More, available in limited quantities.

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Soap and Hand Sanitizer

Soap, Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer, Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer, Manual Dispensers, and Touch-free Dispensers.

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Aircare Systems

Elevate the fragrance of lounges, bathrooms, lobbies, gyms, and more with our Solid and Aerosol Fragrance dispensers.

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Automated Toilet Cleaning Systems

Automated and fully programmable dispensers ensure toilets & urinals remain clean & odor free.

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Product Spotlight: EZ-SAN Soap & Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

The EZ-SAN® Soap Program from Vectair Systems simplifies soap dispensing for facilities, while ensuring hands stay clean, hygienic and sanitized at all times.

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